49th FIS Retirement 1970
Submitted by Tom Bogansk

Does the name “Eaglemobile” mean anything to you?  If it does (actually even if it doesn’t), here is some information and pictures from 1978 sent in by Jim Van Laak.  I assume the statute of limitations no longer apply, so those named are probably safe:)
The Eaglemobile picture is close to the end.  We hope it brings back fond memories for some of you.
Maybe someone can let us know if that is a Falcon missile mounted on the “Eaglemobile“?

The following came from David Getty (designer and painter of that first aircraft marking)

“In February 1970 aircraft 0-90069 was the first aircraft to have the Green Eagle painted on it. This was done on non work days (Sat and Sun), and then taken to the ‘cow barn’ on Monday and kept hidden until the Commander of the Air Defense Command gave his approval.

As the Air Defense Commander was getting ready to leave Griffiss AFB he asked if he could do anything else, he was taken to the ‘cow barn’ shown the ‘Green Eagle’ and was asked for approval to have this as the aircraft markings.  His remark was ‘send the paper work forward,’ right there he was handed the paper work, he signed it.

The paper work was then forwarded for final approval.”

Web Master Note: Look closely and you can see the 49th Knight shield on the upper part of the tail section.

F-106  No.90069 (First to “wear” the Green Eagle tail marking)
Photograph from Erv Smalley collection

Erv Smalley, 49th FIS (Sep. ’68 – Jan. ’72) sent the following pictures from the 1970s