The three pictures below were sent in by Rick Shivik.

This picture (c.1964) was sent to us by Rick O’Connor, Jr., whose father was the 49th FIS Commander at the time.
Commander Frederick M. O’Connor is the sixth person from the left.
NOTE! The reverse side of this picture was signed by the squadron members, but is not very helpful in identifying anyone in the picture. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The following email was received on 12 April 2010 from Darrell Fisher.
Bob, The Voodoo guys held a reunion 26-29 March in Alexandria, VA. I will get you a submission for the newsletter in a couple of days. One of those in attendance was Pat Brandewie Gross. Her husband was lost in an accident on 20 August 1963. She would like to see his picture on our website.
Lt. James A. Brandewie (pilot) and Lt. William B. Foust (RO) lost elevator control on take-off and aircraft #59-0432 rotated to the vertical. Ejection was unsuccessful.
Enclosed are several pictures provided by Pat, hope you can do something with these.”
The extraordinary photograph shown below is a scene rarely captured on film. It’s a memorial service for the two airmen pictured above. It took place several days after their demise when their aircraft went out of control and crashed.
What makes the shot so extraordinary is that the photographer managed to capture both those attending the service and the ceremonial flyby in the same frame.
The solemnity of the moment, the sorrow of the mourners, the quaintness of the church, and the strain of seeing the Missing Man Formation all combine to bring one’s emotions to the surface, and to wish them Ave Atque Vale.