49th Pilots and ground crew
49th Pilots, Luke AFB
Victory dinner 1955

The three items above, not being military issue, were left when the 49th F.I.S. at Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA was transferred to Griffiss AFB in 1959.  It is presently not known if these items were used at Dow.

Left – A Tech Order Compliance Chart.  Glass framed chart to be used with grease pencil.  Some of you may have used this chart.

Center – Aluminum shield with 49th marking.  As can be best determined, the aluminum disk came from the metal shop and the shield markings is the one used on the 49th aircraft at that time.

Right – This shield is a single piece of plywood cut into the shape of the center item and hand painted.

The two shields, center and right, I believe, were located in the Officer’s Lounge (was usually there only on weekends when I was Duty Officer.)  The chart on the left came from the maintenance area. If you know more about any of these items, please let me know.

There seems to be a lack of pictures from the L. G. Hanscom Field days of the 49th FIS.  It seems that cameras were not allowed in the squadron area. This makes sense now that we realize that the squadron was testing the “new” S.A.G.E. system. As I recall we had the F-102 fighter next to us, also testing systems. Hopefully some of you have pictures from the Hanscom days, at least showing some of the personnel in non-secret activities.

However I did find a brochure prepared in mid 1959 of the 465th FIS which was the 49th FIS after the 49th transferred to Griffiss AFB, less aircraft and personnel. The pictures in the brochure are of the 49th personnel, and relate to the F-86 D/L.


The picture on the right is a better picture of the F-86, but wasn’t used.  Can you see why it may have been rejected?
Remember this is from a brochure showing the 465th FIS. Try to spot the problem with the picture on the right.




ANSWER: Unfortunately the picture may not show it clearly on your screen, BUT if you look closely, just above the FO in U.S. AIR FORCE, you will see that the 49th Green Knight shield is still on the fuselage.


F-84Bs on the Flight line at Dow

Notice the change of colors to green and white around the nose and on the tail.