The six pictures below were received just before the 2014 Reunion.  They were sent by Brian Wyllie (John Schill’s nephew) and Mark LaScotte (Jerome LaScotte’s nephew). Additional information will be added as received. If you can identify anyone, please let us know.

The below pictures were sent to the Association by Brian Baird, grandson of George W. Baird, Jr.

Until these pictures were received, the only information on the web site was that Lt. Baird was lost over Hungary on Nov. 26, 1944.

In the never-ending “it’s a small world” saga, the picture on the right shows Roger Weatherbee next to Lady Lorraine II.

The nine pictures below were sent by Bob Carlton. They are recently scanned pictures from his father’s (Robert N. Carlton) photo album.

These pictures actually predate the 49th Squadron for these individuals since they taken at the Luke Advanced Flying School.

The below four pictures were from “Sparky” Sparks via Mark LaScotte (Jerome LaScotte’s nephew).

 We received these pictures to the from James Ritter’s son.

Some of the following pictures were taken at San Savero, Italy (Foggia) 1944-1945.

The following photographs are from the personal records of Harold T. Harper, and were taken while he was serving in North Africa (1942-1943). Harold is shown third from the right in the photo.

The following photographs are from the private collection of Revis Sirmon, who flew 50 missions while serving in the 49th from 1943-1945.

The pictures below were taken when the squadron was stationed in Africa. They are from the private collection of Bob Carlton, and were provided by his son Robert, who is in the process of putting his dad’s photo albums in order.

Here’s how we look today.